QTPOC is an organization that brings together self-identified Queer, Questioning, and Trans People of Color. It aspires to create a safe and constructive space for students to explore the intersections of their racial, cultural, national, gender, sex, and class identities. In creating a community of students from diverse backgrounds, QTPOC aims to actively increase the visibility of underrepresented people inside and outside of Carleton.

Check out the fun and meaningful activities QTPOC organized/was involved in during the school year 2015-2016 on the left!

Meet the Board!

Board Members (2016 Fall): Manuel Lugo Acosta (lugoacostam), Tianna Avery (averyt)

Honorary Members: Melanie Xu (xud), Kathryn Melendez (melendezk)

Currently Off-campus (but with you guys in spirit <3): Edylwise Romero (romeroe), Hazel Que (queh)