Carleton Quidditch

  • Carleton Quidditch 2018-2019

    Quidditch at Carleton

    Carleton’s first Quidditch team was founded in 2008. We’re still seeking the snitch!

Brooms Up! Carleton College's Quidditch Team of motley Muggles work and play together to achieve the following:

  • To learn the sport of quidditch in accordance with the United States quidditch (USQ) Association's Rules
  • To gain athletic skill, expertise, and prowess via practice and scrimmage in a spirit of camaraderie
  • To maximize opportunity for friendly (yet passionate) competition as a USQ Team with other quidditch Teams in Minnesota and beyond
  • To have a heck of a good ole time on the northern prairie in the art of snitch-hunting, bludger-dodging and quaffle-passing.