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Dancing in the Twin Cities and beyond

Minnesota Lindy - Probably the best place to check for information on upcoming events (local, regional, and national), and to catch up on what's new in the dance community.
TC Swing - A comprehensive calendar of upcoming local events, local dance lessons, plus links to other sites in the Twin Cities and elsewhere.
USwing - University of MN Swing Club
Swing Night at the Wabasha Street Caves, Thursday nights.
Late Night Swing at Tapestry Folk Dance Center, Thursday nights.
The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown - One of the top national Lindy Hop competitions.
Mid-West Lindy Fest - A nationally-recognized Lindy Hop and Jazz Dance workshop weekend..
UW Swing - University of WI, Madison Swing Club
Yehoodi - NYC swing dance site, the best resource for national events and happenings. Also the largest discussion board of dance nerds around.
Lindy Exchange - Go to a city, meet awesome people, and dance like crazy! This site lists events that are coming up.

Dance shoes and clothing - Includes vintage-style clothes, Aris Allen shoes, and instructional videos and DVDs.
Aris Allen Swing Dance Shoes
Bleyer Swing Dance Shoes
Remix Vintage Shoes
Do-It-Yourself Sueded Dance Shoes - Learn how to turn any pair of shoes you own into dance shoes. Brettuns' Village Scrap Leather - These people will sell you scrap suede aka chrome tanned leather (cut to any size you need) for dance shoes, just send them an email.

Dance History

From Harlem, NYC, to Abroad: Swing Dancing
The Lindy Circle Lindy History
StreetSwing's Dance History Archives
African Dance Influence on Lindy Hop
Cab Calloway's Cat-o-logue - Learn to talk the jive like all the original cats.

Jazz Music

All Music Guide - The definitive guide to music of all genres, especially jazz. Recommendations - Knowledgeable music recommendations from a good website.
Big Band Box - 40 CDs for about 50 bucks. Covers all the major artists of the swing era. A great way to learn about the artists and the music.

A selection of some great modern swing bands:

The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra
The Boilermaker Jazz Band
George Gee and his Make-Believe Orchestra
Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
Mora’s Modern Rhythmists
The New Orleans Jazz Vipers