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Campaigns and Events

Queering Medicine: Blood Bans, Bodies, and Power - Campus discussion hosted by SaGA and the Proxy Donation campaign around queer regulation, blood bans, scientific "objectivity", and the medicalization of bodies with Katie Bashore (WGST professor) and Sami Poindexter (PhD candidate and instructor in Feminist Studies at the University of Minnesota).

 (Spring 2016)

Star Tribune Article - SaGA was interviewed as a part of a Star Tribune article that spoke on gender-neutral pronouns and their prevalence in society today.

 (Spring 2016)

Zines - Created (thus far) one zine on gender expression.

 (Fall/Winter 2015)

Movie Night - Screened movies pertinent to issues of gender, sexuality, and intersectionality, open to the greater Carleton community.

 (Fall 2015)

Bake Sale - Held a bake sale to benefit the LGBT Host Home Program

 (Fall 2014)

The Vagina Dialogues - A week of discussions in the wake of the Vagina Monologues.

 (Winter 2013)