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Quotes and Statistics


"Why did I do it?" ~ Jasmine

"A choice is only possible if there are genuine alternatives." ~  Germaine Greer, "The Whole Woman"

"To me, it was a rushed decision and a pressured decision." ~ Laura

"I can't tell anyone." ~ Janelle

"At first, I felt that I did the right thing, but as time goes on..." ~ Marie

"For me, the decision to terminate my pregnancy was a parenting decision." ~ Katie

"Nobody wants to have an abortion." ~ Katie

"It is a poverty to decide that an unborn child must die so that you may live as you like." ~ Mother Teresa

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1,242,000 abortions were conducted in 2006 (U.S. Census)

Approximately 24% of pregnancies end in abortion (Voice of Revolution)

Abortion reasons: 98% personal choice (unwanted or inconvenient), 1.7% life/health of mother or child, and 0.3% rape or incest (Voice of Revolution)

75% of the American population does not support the "Abortion on Demand" law (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life)

64% of women who experienced one or more abortions "felt pressured by others" to have the abortion (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life)

95% of women want to be informed of all risks of a medical procedure; 69% want to be informed of all alternatives (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life)