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About Us

Engendering a love for the sport of sailing through education and competition.

-Who we are-

Sunset SailingThe Carleton Sailing Club was formed during spring term of 2001 to teach and encourage small-boat sailing at and around Carleton College. The club offers an opportunity for recreation and a chance to learn/fine-tune the lifetime sport of sailing.

We welcome all skill-levels, and offer varying instruction to participants depending on experience. Beginners will be taught the basics of small-boat sailing, including: rigging, crewing, and skippering boats. More experienced sailors can work with officers to improve skills and technique. Participants also have the option to practice racing, either during practices, or against other schools. Sailing not only offers a lifelong form of recreation, but also the chance to build friendship and camaraderie with other members of the club, both on and off the lake.

-Lake Byllesby-

Lake ByllesbyOnly fifteen minutes from campus towards Cannon Falls, Lake Byllesby offers an ideal location for Carleton sailing. The three mile long, 1435 acre lake, has been cited by the local windsurfing community as “the hidden jewel of Minnesota. Lake Byllesby has proven itself a great site for sailing, and is currently the club's home. We have three floating docks on the lake (room for up to six boats), and use Phillipo Scout Reservation for access to the waterfront.

-The Boats-

Two BoatsThe club currently owns seven FJ's (we just got two new boats!), an Olympic class "Finn", and one Holloway "Death-Roller." All are approximately 16 foot boats, and during the term, we normally keep 3-4 boats on lake. The club also has a small John boat with an engine for getting from shore to the docks.

-P.E. Credit-

The club offers P.E. credit for regular participation spring term only. It is available under the 200 level of P.E. classes during registration. If you didn't receive information and are interested, contact an officer. Because sailing is a club sport, it can count for up to two of your four required P.E. courses.