Welcome to the Tour Guide Online page. Here you can find resources for new and existing guides.  

For new/interested guides:

Students are eligible to give tours of campus after their first term at Carleton.

  • Volunteer position
  • 1 tour/week minimum
  • Simple application process consisting of an application and a 15 minute interview
  • Great way to influence coming classes
  • Share your personal stories/anecdotes!

If you're interested in applying or have any questions email Ingrid Hofeldt.

 For existing guides:

You can find a copy of your student guide handbook and the guide route in the right hand sidebar. A copy of the most current Tour guide schedule can be found here.

This year, our Tour Coordinator is Ingrid Hofeldt

If you are unable to make your usual tour time, you can find a fill-in through the email list

Tour group