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Our Charter

[Current Charter as of 2012]

Charter of Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance(SFA)
Chartered with funding

Purpose of the Organization
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance promotes the appreciation of speculative fiction in its many forms. We meet weekly to watch classic and current sci-fi and fantasy television shows and have many other events throughout the year. We also maintain a large collection of books, videos and DVDs in our lending library. Any member of the CSA is permitted to check out these materials. Our library and most of our events are located in Benton House (on the corner of 2nd and Winona).

Description and Duties of Officers
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliances anually elects four officers: a president, publicity tsar, treasurer and librarian.
The president is charged with administration of regular club operations (such as club meetings) and oversight over the other officers.
The publicity tsar's job is to ensure that all SFA events are properly publicized to all members of the Carleton community, through weekly NNB ads, all campus emails, posts on the SFA's caucus conference, and emails to all SFA members. The tsar also helps to ensure that our posters are posted in a timely fashion around all of campus.
The treasurer's duties are to take care of the club's financial concerns, and work with the president on administrative matters.
The librarian is in charge of our club's library. He/she will ensure that it remains well organized and accesible to all of the CSA, as well as ensuring that our record of what is currently checked out and by whom is up to date.

Procedures for Officer Election and Removal
Members of the SFA shall be nominated for the positions of president, publicity tsar, treasurer and librarian at a meeting held during the 7th week of spring term. All members must be notified that this meeting will occur at least one week in advance. All non-senior members are eligible for office, and can be nominated by anyone, including themselves.
The election itself will be held during 8th week at a meeting which all members must be notified of. All members are eligible vote, and if a member is unable to make the meeting they can notify the current president of their intended votes and those votes will still be counted towards the total. Officers will assume their positions on the first day of Fall term the following year, but will work with their predecessors until the end of Spring Term in order to gain experience.
In the event of an officer suddenly being sucked into another dimension during their term as officer (or an officer being forced to resign from their position for some other reason), the remaining officers will meet and appoint another person to temporarily fill the position until a club meeting can be called and another person can be elected. This club meeting must be announced to all members and must occur within three weeks of the loss of an officer. If a member is planning on being off-campus or on leave one or more terms during the next year he/she may still run for officer as long as they run jointly with another member who will take over that position during the absence.

Annual Report
An annual report shall be submitted to the Budget Committee as part of Spring Allocations. The report shall meet the requirements stipulated in the CSA Senate Bylaws.

Membership Requirement
The organization must have a minimum of ten members at all times. If membership falls below ten without the permission of the Chartering Committee, the organization is inactive. If the organization is inactive for three consecutive terms this charter is invalid and the organization is disbanded.

Amendments to this charter require the approval of the Chartering (Governance) Committee and the CSA Senate.

Herein ends the current charter, as upheld by the current officers, Anne Duncan, Elizabeth Clarke, and Edward Malnar. Effective 10 Sept 2012.

[Original charter as found in Sci-fi House lounge, Feb 2002]

Charter: Science Fiction Alliance
Request with funding
As of March 1, 1993


One of the most ignored and overlooked facets of literature and culture in our society today is the growing influence of Science Fiction and Fantasy. It is becoming increasingly popular, as shown by the success of such phenomena as Star Trek, Star Wars, and the popularity of Tolkein, Asaac [sic] Asimov and even Kurt Vonnegut. Science Fiction and Fantasy have provided an outlet in society for the exploration of where science is taking us, and has led to scientific and humanitarian discoveries and discussions. Yet there are no community outlets for Science Fiction and Fantasy here on campus, in either academic or recreational settings. Therefore, we believe that the Science Fiction Alliance (formerly called the Doctor Who Club, renamed to better express the expanding goals of the group) is a valuable part of the Carleton Community. It exists to provide places and times to watch, read, create and participate in Science Fiction and Fantasy as a group.

We have been a chartered CSA organization for many years in a form that was for watching the Science Fiction [sic] on television; we are now expanding into more media: books, movies, music and gaming, for example.


To provide a forum for the enjoyment of, creation of, and participation in Science Fiction and Fantasy. We are also trying to create a student-run loaning library for books and video tapes (from students' private collections) that would be available to the entire campus.


We encourage anyone in the Carleton Community to come and participate. Anyone who comes regularly to events is considered a member, and our number has grown from perhaps 20 to 50 members in the last few years. Communication takes place primarily at weekly Saturday meetings, and also on VAX in the conferences REC-SF-TREK, REC-SF-MISC, RED-SF-DR-WHO AND S_F_HOUSE.

[penciled/penned in (and photocopied) at this point “if membership falls below three, for three consecutive terms, the charter becomes in active.”]


Presidents: Blake Bramhall and Karen Swanberg
Duties: To organize meetings, inform members of news, and keep the organization chartered and funded.

Treasurer: Curtis Mitchell
Duties: To keep records of our funds and expenditures.

Officers for the following academic year are elected by the members at the beginning of Spring Term.

Annual Inventory Listing:

1) The president(s) will prepare a report of the previous year's activities for the BC, Charter Advisory Committee, or the Senate, if requested to do so.

2) An annual inventory listing will be provided by the president(s) for the BC before Spring Allocations.

Co-President Co-President
Blake Bramhall Karen Swanberg

[Signature (w/ unclear middle initial U/M)] [Signature]