4/4/2012 - Meeting Notes


 -laundry room signs:

A) don’t use dryer, you have drying racks!

B) washing machine/dryer settings

 -supply closet signs : drying racks in here!

 -advertising campaign: facts/reason to use drying racks

   A) saves so much energy

   B) stains don’t set in

   C) clothes won’t shrink

   D) freeze your jeans?

   E) SAVE YOU MONEY! “What can you buy with $7.50?”(how much you save if you use a drying rack all term)


*e-mail facilities re putting drying racks in student cleaning supply closets

-study breaks – Mitch will e-mail the other RAs

Keeping track of them?

 -label them

 -sign out sheet(really just for formality)