Meeting: 4/2/08

The first SOPE meeting of spring term was held on Wednesday, April 2nd. There were a ton of announcements, which will be saved until after the task force updates.
Task Forces:
* Earth Day is April 22nd this year. Traditionally, SOPE has been the organizer of this event and will be again this year. Plans for the day include calculating your carbon footprint (and offsetting it) for the day, field trip to the wind turbine, discussion on the Sustainability Code of Conduct, bike repairs, film screenings, a dinner, and (no) power hour. Interested in joining the task force? contact dornfelt or mbell or come to the next meeting!
*SRF is still working on the lighting in Cowling and starting to look at the low flow shower heads. Want to get involved? contact mcgaughr
*Composting is planning their trip to DC as well as finalizing the second part of their grant proposal. The earth tub should be arriving on campus shortly. Questions? sawtells
*Think Outside the Bottle is a campaign to educate people on why bottled water isn't such a hot idea. Personal reusable water bottles are much more fun anyway. Next week (beginning Mon the 7th) will be Water Week at Carleton- so stay tuned for some bottled/not bottled water taste tests, etc in Sayles. Want to help out (there is still much to be done)? mahlbern or wilsona
*Roofs- now combining the Green Roof task force with a task force to use the solar shingles. Sweet. Contact webbe if you'd like details.
*GPA (Graduation Pledge Alliance). Technically this isn't a task force, but if you'd like to help out with this (getting seniors to sign a pledge to consider the environment in their choices post-Carleton), contact lanem
AND NOW TO THE ANNOUNCEMENTS. There are some sweet opportunities.
*There is a proposal to build a picnic shelter around the Hill of 3 Oaks and Dennis Easley wants your input. The questionnaire is attached (if it ends up not coming through, just email webbe or dornfelt and we'll send it to you).
* Eating Locally year round in Minnesota. Monday, April 14, 12-1-Sayles Hill 252 (3rd week) Register on the Rec Center website under the MindSpiritBody page.
* Internship with a citizen's group concerned about the Ethanol Plant in Dundas. Call Larry Gates at 507-767-3202 for more info.
* Interest Houses!
* Greenhouse. ?s contact mahlbern
* Farm House. Stop by for meals M-Th 6:30pm or contact hagenm
* WHOA (Wellstone House of Organizing and Activism)- live with a community of activists dedicated to Paul Wellstone's community organizing legacy. thiboutl
* CANOE ?s contact staischl
* The Summer of Solutions (June 1- August 1)- This program will unite young people to form a national team to build real climate solutions in our communities.
* Sierra Student Coalition's SPROG (July 17-24) - Summer trainings for high school and college students who want to build their skills and become the next generation of environmental leaders. The week-long experience focuses on grassroots campaign training for campus and community projects, particularly around global warming and the clean energy future. Additional questions?
* The Great River Energy Mississippi River Challenge Around this summer? Want to volunteer? (July 25-27)
* Minnesota PowerShift will be October 3-4. Details have not been arranged yet, but we want to make it HUGE so TEAM MN will begin working on it soon! Contact Kai Bosworth ( if you're interested. (National PowerShift was a conference with 6,000 students, lots of awesome speakers and youth-run workshops, get out the vote, etc.)
That's it for now.
- Elizabeth, Tess, and Ray
Your (new) co-presidents.