Meeting: 4/9/08

Today we began our meeting by discussing which animal would win in an outer-space vacuum fight between a bear and a shark (polar bear vs. hammerhead). Even though a bear would totally win, there was much debate.

Task Force Updates!
COMPOSTING- The Earth Tub is HERE. It's set up but not fully functioning yet. It should be up by this Friday, so go take a look (it's by the water tower). This is HUGE. YAY! Interested in figuring out how the earth tub will work? sawtells
SRF- The proposal for the lights in Cowling is hours away from being completed. More ideas are now being considered. Have ideas? mcgaughr
THINK OUTSIDE THE BOTTLE - This week is Carleton Water Week. Especially Thursday, which will be the Tap Water Challenge (can you tell the difference between bottle water and tap water?). Drop by and sign the petition to not renew the vending contract for bottled water. Want to table? wilsona or mahlbern
ROOFS Is still looking into the donated solar shingles.
EARTH DAY is working on advertising Earth Week events, planning dinners with professors at interest houses, and tabling events including carbon offsets. Ideas? dornfelt
*Thursday 12-2 Tap Water Challenge- stop by the table in Sayles.
*Eating Locally Year Round in MN talk- Monday 12-1 register on mindspiritbody on Rec center webpage.
*Recycle Run- a 5k run in Minneapolis on April 20. Proceeds go to river clean up work in the Twin Cities area. Just run for fun. Interested in going? contact webbe
* Sustainability in higher education- a good resource, check it out!
*Picnic Shelter Survey (due at the end of the week, see below)
Pine Hill pavilion/ picnic shelter
A donor group has initiated discussion of building a pavilion or picnic shelter type of structure in the Hill of Three Oaks area. An exact location has not been determined, but the intention is for it to be along the perimeter rather than on the hill with the oak trees. It is likely that this will be a modestly sized structure, designed to fit in with the existing landscape. The purpose is to provide shelter from inclement weather, a staging site for events, a place to set up food and beverages, and possibly a small area for gear and equipment storage.
Please respond to the following questions as relevant to your activity, and return to Dennis Easley, Superintendent of Grounds (

1. Name of group/ organization

2. How many people regularly participate in your activity?

3. What months of the year do you use the area?

4. Would a picnic shelter be helpful, and how would you use it?

5. How many guests, such as opposing teams and spectators need to be accommodated, and how often?

6. How much space do you need for in season storage of equipment and gear? (note: balls, helmets, pads, not large items such as goals)

7. Are there specific locations that you that you think should NOT be considered for this structure?

8. Please indicate how important the following features are to your activity:

·Vehicle access

·Electrical outlets


·Telecom/ data capability

·Drinking fountain

·Hose bib and /or jug filling capability


·BBQ grill/ cooking capability

·Office/ event coordination space

·Gear/ equipment storage

·Please list other features that should be considered:

9. Other comments or suggestions?

Until for next week,

~Elizabeth, Tess, and Ray