Meeting: 5/14/08

Dear SOPErs,
There's a lot of stuff here but it's all juicy and interesting.

First off, I would encourage all of you guys to vote for next years senators. You can do so at until 11:59 on Sunday night.

Next, the 2008-2009 CSA budget for SOPE was approved for $160! This was because of the work we'll be doing next year to improve the green bike program we started and the commuting to the cities we plan to do for TEAM Minnesota next year. If anyone has any ideas for other events we can sponsor, such as movie screenings, dinner discussions, etc., feel free to talk to me, Tess or Elizabeth.

This upcoming Friday is National Bike to Work day! Everyone should do their best to bike to work/school (if they normally drive) and encourage other to do so as well. To get more involved, email dornfelt.

And Finally, before the events, the Sustainability Revolving Fund task force would ask that everyone who can tries to make it to one of the places where we've installed new low-flow showerheads! hey are located in the following bathrooms: 1st Burton Mens, 4th Watson Womens, 4th Nourse Womens, 3rd Goodhue Mens and the Rec Womens. Look for red tape around the showerhead and leave us (honest) feedback on the forms located near the showers. Bring friends too!

Upcoming Events:

This community dinner will kick off Food Truth Week: Hunger and the
Global Food Crisis, May 16th-23rd. Enjoy food and music with us on the
west lawn outside the Carleton Chapel from 5:30-7:30pm—invite your
friends, neighbors, and professors and bring a dish to share if you
want. (rain location - dacie moses)
Sponsored by Food Truth and friends.

2. Annual Spring Bird Count and Arb Walk Saturday, May 17, 6:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Meet at tennis court parking lot in the Lower Arb

Join Nancy Braker, the new Arboretum Director, Mark McKone, Arboretum Research Supervisor, and the Cole Student Naturalists for our annual spring bird count and Arb walk. Be sure to remember your binoculars and field guide. All levels of birding expertise are welcome!

Please RSVP to Nancy at or 507-222-4543. If weather causes this event to be canceled, we will post this information at by 9:00 p.m. the night before.

As ecological restoration has increased the amount of natural habitat in the Arb, the diversity of birds has begun to respond. The annual breeding bird count was established in 2000 to document the changing population of birds. Each year we follow a set route through the Arb and count the number of singing birds of each species at specific locations. If you want to prepare by looking at the birds known to occur in the Arb, see the list at see

3. Concerned about Global Warming, but just as confused? Wish you could explain it to your grandma? Unsure what you can do? Generally made uncomfortable by science/numbers but sad about the polar bears? Come discuss the myths, misconceptions and mysteries of global climate change with students, staff and faculty. It's the most important environmental challenge our generation will face, so come take ownership of the issue. Dinner discussion to be held in Alumni Guest House on 5/19, 5:45 to 7:00. To sign up, email colem or visit our tables in the dining halls next week.

4. "Take Back the Earth: Don't Settle for Lite Green"
Environmental activist John Javna was a vanguard in the green movement when he self-published a small paperback called 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth in 1990. It was a phenomenon, hitting #1 on the New York Times bestseller list multiple weeks in a row and selling millions of copies. Almost twenty years later, his fourteen-year-old daughter Sophie has convinced him to rewrite the original bestseller for the modern day. John and Sophie Javna will be on campus talking about the rationale for the new edition of the book and the need for a
"New Environmentalism" that moves beyond eco-tips and deals with real issues.
Monday, May 19, 2008
Boliou Hall 104
Carleton College
The Javnas will also be attending a 'Meet the Author' event at 4:30 on
May 19 in the Gould Library Athenaeum at Carleton.

5. A Call to Participate: The Food Stamp Challenge
This year, Food Truth is dedicating a week, from May 16th – 23rd to local and global hunger and the world's current food crisis. As part of Food Truth Week, we will be sponsoring students to participate in The Food Stamp Challenge on Tuesday, May 20th —to live on the average food stamp daily budget of $3.15. While spending only one day on a food stamp budget cannot begin to approach the struggles low-income recipients face every day, The Challenge will provide new perspective and greater understanding of this national issue. All proceeds from missed meals will go to the Northfield Food Shelf. How does the Challenge work?
• Sign up by emailing
• Breakfast: You will be responsible for your own breakfast, however Food Truth will provide lunch and dinner options in line with FSC budgetary requirements.
• Lunch: Packaged lunches (costing exactly $1.05) will be served in Sayles during common time.
• Dinner: Rice and beans (also costing $1.05) will be served during dinner a talk about The Challenge experience and larger food security issues. Discussion will be lead by Jim Blaha, the director of the Northfield Food Shelf (6:00pm, Nourse Lounge). If you cannot stay for the talk, feel free to come and pick your meal up anyway.
• We will provide a list of ideas for meals to prepare if you prefer to feed yourself.
• If you're on a meal plan, you can donate meals for charity. You may donate 1 meal if you're on the 20, 2-3 if on the 12 or 5, or as many as you want if you're on the block 130 or have snack bar dollars. All proceeds will go to the Northfield Food Shelf.

6. ENTS Info Session

Freshmen and Sophomores! Interested in concentrating in ENTS but not sure where to start? Confused about concentration requirements? I can help! Join Adam Smith, ENTS Educational Associate, for an informal information session about ENTS on Tuesday, May 20 and get your questions answered. Snacks provided!

Tuesday, May 20

Sayles 253


7. ENTS Capstone Symposium

Mark your calendars! The 2007-2008 ENTS Capstone Symposium will be held on Thursday, May 22 and Friday, May 23. Information on presenters, times, and locations forthcoming.

8. Sunday May 25 8pm location TBA structure of SOPE discussion

9. ENTS Arb Field Trip!

Join Arboretum Director Nancy Braker, the arb student naturalists, and your fellow ENTS students and faculty for a walk through the beautiful Cowling Arboretum.

Monday, May 26

4:30 pm

Meet at the Arboretum Trailhead (in front of the Rec Center)

10. On May 31st, you have the chance to head down the Maltby Nature Preserve and plant the tree seeds that the Maltby volunteers put in pots last fall. It would be wonderful to get a big group to come help out! I realize it is 9th week but that is even more of an excuse to get away from campus and get outside. This is just a heads up and I will email you guys again next week. We would leave around 8:45 in the morning and head back to campus by 12. I will also have breakfast food in the morning. (Arpita)

Ongoing Events:

1. Izaak Walton League Scholarship, 5/15 scholarship(s) of not more than $1000.00 to assist a person(s) in an education program in Environmental Education, Environmental Law, Wildlife Management, or some other conservation-oriented program.
The deadline for applying for 2008 - 2009 academic year is May 15, 2008.

2. Cole Student Naturalist Program

Two sophomores are needed 3 hours per week on average through the school year. Student naturalists spend two hours each week with the Arboretum Director learning about the arb and sharing their knowledge with other Student naturalists. Other tasks include leading field trips for prospective students, parents, general campus participants or other visitors; writing the weekly arb report to submit to the Carletonian, or helping with field trip publicity. A general interest in nature and the out of doors is required. Knowledge of a particular field such as birds, plants, mammals, geology etc. and the ability to interpret that to others is beneficial. Contact Arboretum Director Nancy Braker with an indication of your interest and questions.

3. Cornell University Field Program in Earth and Environmental Systems

Winter and Spring term, 2009 - Hawai'i Island
explore a variety of ecosystems, examine their development over time, consider human impacts on plant and animal communities, think about our role as stewards, and experience geologic
processes such as active volcanism and seismicity. probe the interaction between earth, ocean, atmosphere and biosphere. Courses include Earth systems science, biogeochemistry, marine ecology, Hawaiian history and culture, and an internship experience in the local community. begins January 11, 2009. The program is designed for any student majoring in science with a
strong interest in Earth and environmental studies. initial applications are due May 16, 2008.

4. War Resisters Organizer Training Institute June 23-29, 2008 Voluntown, CT

ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT ENDING WAR? Are you an environmentalist; LGBT activist; concerned with immigrant rights; an artist? How do these issues intersect with war? Are you interested in building a nonviolent force in this country strong enough to shake the very foundations of militarism? Sign up to be part of an organizing training where activists from around the country will gather to train and strategize on how to build a mass movement for peace? Then come to the War Resisters Organizer Training Institute, where folks from around the nation will gather and collectively strategize about how to build leadership, capacity, organization and a mass movement. You will walk away with a solid grounding in:

Organizing Skills, Campaign Strategy, Nonviolent direct action, GI resistance support, Counter military recruitment, Anti-racism & Anti-Sexism, Revolutionary nonviolence, And much more

Individuals: $300 Costs include housing and food for the entire week. Scholarships are available to those in need of financial assistance. Does not include travel expenses.

For Application and more information visit

DEADLINE for application May 19th, 2008. Applications submitted after deadline will be reviewed based on space availability

5. Trust for Public Land- Intern Posting: Volunteer Intern- Innovative Funding Task Force- Central Region Office

TPL is seeking an unpaid intern to help organize information about new conservation funding sources that can help preserve and protect vital natural resources. We are looking for this internship to last 3 to 4 months and are flexible in hours and schedule.

The mission of the IFTF is to serve as a clearinghouse for information on private conservation funding and finance. The intern position will be located in TPL’s Central Regional Office located at 2610 University Avenue in St. Paul, MN. 90 to 120 days between May and September, 2008. Job days and hours are flexible, and work may be performed in the office or out of the office. This is an unpaid internship. Applicants preferred to have an educational background and/or practical experience in land conservation, some experience and familiarity with real estate transactions and financing real estate transactions, and be proficient in the use of Word and email programs