Meeting: 5/28/08

Dear friends,

Last night marked our final SOPE meeting for the entirety of the term and year. After realizing that we will only have 2 co-presidents on campus for each of the next 2 terms (Tess will be gone in the fall and Ray in the winter), we decided that we should open up the floor to anyone who might want to take up the role of SOPE co-president until elections at the end of next winter. If you are interested in taking this leadership role within our organization, send me, Elizabeth and Tess a paragraph about why you want it and what you hope to see accomplished within SOPE. Like we said in the meeting, it’s a fun job that doesn’t require too much outside work.

Upcoming Events:
• Earth Tub Open House – Sunday 1-3PM.
o Come check out the new industrial-strength Earth Tub, Carleton's on-campus trial composting system! Join us anytime between 1 and 3pm on Sunday afternoon next to the water tower by Farm House. There'll be tasty treats to reward your trek, too!

• Green House Potluck – Saturday 6PM
o Come to Greenhouse this Saturday at 6pm for delicious food and good times! Bring a dish to share if you can or bring a friend if you can't bring food. Greenhouse has a lot of money left to spend on this potluck so the food will be VERY good. Greenhouse is located across Hwy19/Division from the townhouses—112 Division St.

• Tree Planting at Maltby – Upcoming Reading Days
o We will meet for a few hours and visit the Maltby Nature Preserve where we will plant the tree seeds that the Maltby volunteers put in pots last fall. The entire trip will take around 3 hours during the morning or early afternoon of one of the reading days. It had been planned for this weekend but has to be postponed due to weather. Contact Arpita at

• Help Reduce Cardboard Waste
o Sometime on Friday or over the weekend we will be heading out to Target, the co-op and other similar stores to take help reuse their cardboard box waste! We will then give the boxes out to students packing for summer who would have otherwise bought new boxes from the bookstore. Contact Becky at

• Car Counting to help promote responsible parking policy – Friday
o As of right now, all we know about the number of cars that visit campus each day (students, faculty and guests) is data from 1 hour of 1 day from last year. We will meet this Friday afternoon and count the cars in the various lots to collect more data and help the school make responsible parking policies. Contact Amy at