09/23/2009 - Minutes

Hello SOPE-ers!

Sorry for the delayed meeting minutes, but here they are!

It was the first meeting back from break, so it was tons of fun. We did a show-and-tell version of "what I did this summer" and had everything from a pile of gourds to nail polish.

Our co-presidents (Tess and Ryan) went over SOPE's past accomplishments. Among other things, we have gotten a grant from the EPA to purchase an Earth Tub for composting, helped to establish the Sustainability Revolving Fund (SRF), had a furniture sale in the old middle school to raise money (and prevent things from being thrown away), helped each year to organize Dorm Wars/Green Wars, helped each year to plan Earth Week, helped with SRF proposals to update lights in Cowling and install low-flow showerheads in dorms, changed individual packets of ketchup into bulk dispensers, established the Green Bikes program, sent students to a variety of conferences (including Powershift) and MORE.

This year's task forces include SRF, PEAR (publicity, education, awareness/advocacy, recruitment), weatherization, Lil' Things and possibly a task force dedicated to figuring out how to spend the $1,558.50 we raised at the furniture sale last year.

If you have ideas for spending a lot of money, want to help out with any of the other task forces, like the environment, like fun people or really just like anything, we hope to see you at NEXT WEEK'S meeting!

See you next wednesday in sayles 251 at 9 p.m.!