01/19/2011 - Minutes


Thanks to everyone - new and old - who came tonight! If you weren't able to make it tonight, we look forward to seeing you next week! :)

For our intro, we discussed sustainable things at Carleton that we like. Many people like the convenience of one-stream recycling, while others like composting, the wind turbine and the SRF.

Two enviro-facts:

1) How much energy is saved by plugging air leaks in homes? Up to 30%

2) What portion of a typical household's energy goes to heating water? 15-25%


1) It's not too late to join winter Kids for Conservation! If you like kids and you like teaching about the environment, sign up to teach in a classroom at Sibley this term. Email nachmanl by tomorrow if you want to sign-up (include times during the week that you are free and could go teach).

2) MPIRG lobbying day is coming up! It's a day when students go up to the cities to lobby local representatives about any issue. This is just a heads-up; look for more info to come soon.

3) The first EAC (Environmental Advisory Committee) meeting of the term is tomorrow during common time in the facilities conference room. The facilities conference room is to the right when you enter the facilities building (which is next to Sayles if you leave out the door by the bookstore lower level). Meetings are open to the public so feel free to come here what's going on with sustainability at Carleton!

4) The Career Center is hosting Carleton alums in the environmental field coming to campus for short, casual, one-on-one conversations with students. 

The alums are:


: Gail Cederberg '77, P'12, Environmental Consultant

Wednesday: Mark Hibbs '83, Senior Environmental Engineer and Vice President of Barr Engineering
Thursday: Bob Tipping '81, Hydrogeologist, Minnesota Geological Survey
Friday: Karen Campbell '79, Education Director at the National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics, UMN

To sign up for one of these meetings, go to the Google Doc: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=tFpc3pSquAr9vVYOKRqxA3g&hl=en&authkey=CMrx18EL#gid=0

5) Careers in Social Justice is sponsoring a panel about environmental careers. It is next Tuesday during common time in Leighton 305. There will be pizza for the first 30 who come.

Panelists are:

- Ken Potts '83, Director of Sustainability for McGough Construction (working

on the Arts Union)
- Louise Segroves '05, environmental scientist at Barr Engineering
- Walker Smith '84, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
- Dave Bubser, Regional Manager of Smartwood, a program of the Rainforest

6) We're still talking about Powershift, an environmental conference in DC started in 2007 for like-minded college students to go talk about environmental issues, network with professionals and peers, attend workshops, hear speakers like Ralph Nader, and collaborate with other students from your area. SOPE wants to go to Powershift 2011, which will be first weekend of spring term. If you're interested in going (no commitment, just interest), contact mcgaughr.

7) NEXT WEEK IS SOPE BRING-A-FRIEND NIGHT. In addition to lots of friends, we'll have ice cream and a great discussion on environmental issues at Carleton. Don't miss it (and don't let your friends miss it, either!)

8) Green Wars T-shirt contest has started! We're looking for a t-shirt design to put on this year's Green Wars winner t-shirt. If you like designing shirts, send whatever you come up with to nachmanl. It must say Green Wars, 2011 and something like winner or champion, etc. Deadline is January 31. There's a fantastic surprise prize for the winning design.

That's all we've got for tonight! See you all next Wednesday in Sayles 251 at 9 p.m.! Don't forget to bring a friend!