10/27/2010 - Minutes

October 27, 2010


Intro Question: What are you being for Halloween?

Answers ranged from: a samari to Hagrid to Jonathan Hillis!


What is the biggest environmental impact from American weddings?

Transportation! This includes traveling for planning, going to honeymoons, and out of town friends’ attendance


This really cool dude responded to Mark’s NNB post with questions about environmental issues!!

Richard Heinberg will be speaking on Friday, Nov. 12 at 6:30pm at the Northfield Ballroom. He will be talking about how our community can plan together for a changing world in view of the economy, the need for energy independence, and climate change. Transportation will be provided by the ACT center, and everyone who wants to attend should RSVP by contacting kscheuer@carleton.edu

Come quiz the candidates running for local state rep tomorrow! Great Hall. 7:30pm. Be there.

Engineers without Borders is applying for SRF funds to buy at biodiesel converter, which would be able to convert all the food oil waste into biodiesel. They also say they’re interested in helping us with the Green Roof on top of Olin!

St. Olaf is having a dance marathon! There will be a variety of different events – including “Secret Dancing” between 2am-3am … Emily Rose mentioned something about pole dancing taking place…

People are using our website and submitting green ideas for Carleton! Yay!!!


Join us for SOPE next week! Tess will be here (a beloved SOPEr who graduated last year), and she’ll be bringing delicious snacks!