11/03/2010 - Minutes


Question: Are you/will you be THAT alum?

Answers ranged from YES and no...

Tess Dornfeld also joined us tonight! She is an alum of '10 and brought delicious no-bake cookies.

Enviro-fact  (Brought to you by: Tess Dornfeld!)

Osama Bin Laden states climate change caused floods.

Newsweek “Green” ratings and other things the article mentioned: make a greener burger, invest in the improbable, get out of the gulf, catch a wave, hug a mink, turn smoke into rocks, drink your garbage, etc….COOL! It also rated a bunch of companies on their "green-ness" (I, unfortunately, missed this part because I was registering for classes -- sorry!)


This Friday, Alum Alex Barron (PhD Ecology from Princeton and a
former Carleton prof) who is a Congressional science fellow, working on senate climate policy is coming to talk. Come to either meeting: Friday, Nov. 5th in LDC '51 Dining Room, 12:00-1pm (lunch paid if you are off board) or 2nd meeting: Goodsell Lounge 106 2:20-3:20pm - contact tlittle@carleton.edu

Come to a screening of "The Real Dirt on Farmer John"
Tuesday, Nov. 9th 7:30 pm in Leighton 402; sponsored by the STAs, Food Truth, and Farm Club

Send nominations for winter term co-president to Ray!

Task Force Updates:


Eco-treadmill is a no-go for the SRF, but it’s happening anyway (thanks to Micky at the Rec)!

Lil' Things:

CSA is supportive of a change of the way information is disseminated aka less mail box stuffings. There is a small meeting to follow (on Thursday night, I believe – email Leaf at elhail@carleton.edu)

Lil’ Things is also in the process of placing signs around printers explaining how to print two pages to a page to save paper!