1/11/2012 - Minutes

Hey SOPE, 

Welcome back! We started off our meeting chowing on Laura's delish cookies and talking about our ideal climates right now (since it's not the normal climate here anyway). We had some votes for actual winter, some votes for California's climate and one for the 15 minutes before a thunderstorm (but all the time).


1) There's a new pilot program to do residential energy audits on Carleton houses run by Manager of Energy and Sustainability Martha Larson. The program teaches you about building energy performance and improvement and involves education on building science principles, field trips (a Passive House) and completing energy audits on Carleton interest houses. Email Martha Larson (mlarson) for more information or if you are interested in participating.


TOMORROW Christa Owens is reporting on the United Nations Climate Change Conference this at noon in the Library Athenaeum. She will discuss her experiences as a Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) youth delegate to the UN Conference of the Parties 17 (COP17) in Durban, South Africa, Nov. 28 - Dec. 9, 2011


3) Kathryn Hochstetler will be visiting Carleton on Thursday, Jan. 26th and will give a talk in the Athenaeum at 4:30 titled, "Climate Rights and Obligations for Emerging State: The Cases of Brazil and South Africa." Dr. Hochstetler has published several books, including Greening Brazil: Environmental Activism in State and Society (Duke University Press, 2007, with Margaret E. Keck) and Advances in International Environmental Politics (Palgrave MacMillan, 2006, co-edited with Michele Betsill and Dimitris Stevis). In her talk, Dr. Hochstetler will examine the climate rights and obligations of significant developing countries. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of whether the emerging powers force rethinking some of the rights claims of global environmental politics more generally, including concepts like ecological debt, environmental justice, and the environmentalism of the poor.

4) "Can We Feed the World, Without Destroying the Planet?" Professor Jon Foley, University of Minnesota, Monday, Jan. 23 at 4:30 p.m. in the Athenaeum. He is the McKnight Presidential Chair in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, Director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of the Minnesota, and also leads the Global Landscapes Initiative. http://environment.umn.edu/about/ione_bios/jon_foley.html. This event is part of the Question Project.  Sponsored by EthIC, Economics and Philosophy. You can also contact Daniel Groll, dgroll@carleton.edu, x4219 with question.


Biology professor Dan Hernandez is accepting applications for 2 research positions for summer 2012. The research will focus on various projects in the Carleton Arboretum on the ecology of prairie restoration, soil carbon and nutrient cycling, and the impacts of mammal herbivory on prairie communities.  The project will involve extensive fieldwork, thus a willingness to work outside in summer conditions is required.  Positions will be for 8-10 weeks beginning in late June/early July and continuing until the end of the summer.  Previous research experience is not required and he welcomes applications from students of all backgrounds.  Please email the application to dhernand@carleton.edu by February 10, 2012 (reply to this email if you'd like me to send you the application; I can't attach it to this email)


1) Reusable mugs in the dining halls! We recapped what happened last term, which is that we found out Bon Appetit is potentially into this plan if we show student support. And how do we get student support? We make a strong plan and show it around! SO over this week, contact other schools with similar programs to ask them about their systems and start thinking of what our plan is so we can show student support for the initiative.

2) Green Wars! An energy-saving competition between the dorms which will take place

Feb. 13

-24. The Res Life Sustainability Committee suggested sending an all-campus email to look for other collaborators so we're going to try that and aim to have a pizza party/planning meeting next week. Other ideas we threw around for Green Wars: Table in Sayles with watt meters. Environmental movie on Sundays (or TV show). Have an Arb Naturalist run a snowshoe tour. Ask students to give 5-10 minute talks on sustainability in their lives (like the experimental college). Have freshman floor liaisons to promote Green Wars on each floor. Pledge to go meatless to get a button in the dining hall OR bring a mug and show it, or pledge to reuse a disposable mug. Put signs in dining hall educating about the compostable mugs. Have a Carleton Earth hour (no electricity/light for an hour) and light a candle outside.

3) Drying racks SRF project is underway, although we are waiting on the official SRF committee to approve funds.

4) There are individual sugar packets in Burton (but not LDC! What?!?) SO THIS WEEK WRITE COMMENT CARDS TO BON APPETIT. PLEASE.

5) Next week is Bring A Friend Night! With a variety of desserts to choose from. Yum. We'll also be brainstorming sustainability ideas for the school.

Thanks for sticking with me through these long minutes on this cold winter's night (finally!) See you all next week!