9/28/2011 - Minutes


Today, in honor of eco-edu-tainer Magic Mama (http://www.magicmamamusic.com/), we all went around and said what our eco-edu-tainer name would be, and then in honor of Laura we said what our preferred gender pronoun would be. Next week, Mitch will be bringing apples. 


1) Careers in Social Justice Panel: "Sustainable Food and Agriculture Policy" - Tuesday Oct. 4, common time, Leighton 305
Come hear panelists talk about how and why they went into the sustainable food business. Tamales and guacamole from El Triunfo available for first 30!
The panelists are:

  • Susie Beaumaster, Super Valu employee working on policy to address access to fresh produce in food deserts
  • Heidi Coe, Fruits of the City coordinator who organizes a gleaning network that gets fresh fruit to food shelves across the state
  • Angel Dobrow, Local Harvest supporter of a nationwide software program for Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) farms and a local food activist.

Sponsored by: the Career Center, Chaplain’s Office, Center for Community and Civic Engagement and Ethical Inquiry at Carleton (EthIC)

2) Take Back The Tap campaign is working to eliminate bottled water on campus! Meetings are


nights at 8 p.m. – email Chelsea (wagnerc) or Lindsay Guthrie (guthriel) if interested.

3) Hidden Streams Farm Tour in Elgin, MN – Oct. 25 at 4 p.m.
Kathleen McKenna (from Bon Appetit) has one van reserved to take anyone interested to tour Hidden Streams Farm in Elgin, MN. Let her know if you can make it and she will reserve you a spot! The plan is to leave around 4-4:30, tour the farm, enjoy a boxed lunch there, then return to campus around 7-7:30.
To find out more visit the Hidden Streams Farm website. 

4) The second turbine is on its way to completion! The blades are assembled, now we're just waiting for the base. The whole thing should be lifted together on


with the final touches Saturday morning. If you're interested, the site is pretty much straight down Highway 19 towards to turkey farm. Feel free to go check it out any time Friday




5) Environmental History of the Maya: Impacts, Landesque Capital, and Collapse – Tues. Oct. 11, 5 p.m., Leighton 305

Presented by Tim Beach, Professor of Geography and Geoscience, Cinco Hermanos Chair in Environment and International Affairs and Director of the Center for the Environment at Georgetown University. This talk considers the main drivers and evidence for Maya environmental history, landesque capital development by the Maya, and then the evidence for collapses or transitions in different Maya regions.  The talk derives from a series of Tim Beach’s recent articles in soil, geomorphology, and archaeology journals.


Due to the small showing at this meeting, we stayed in one large group and discussed task forces. We gave a general assignment to all SOPE members to research other schools with programs for taking reusable cups out of the dining halls for next week.


We then had a discussion inspired by this film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71HAHe3_2dk. We talked about renewable fuels and biofuels, and then it morphed into alternative energy such as wind, solar and nuclear.

Thanks to everyone who came tonight!

Hope to see you all next Wednesday in Sayles 251 at 9 p.m.!