Frequently Asked Environmental Questions (FAEQ)

On this page we hope to respond to all questions asked of SOPE about environmental action and policy here on Carleton's campus. If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to submit them on our available form.

Suggestions for Making Carleton More Environmentally Friendly

  • Suggestion: Eliminate anti-bacterial products, soaps, hand lotions, etc.

                 Response: The Wellness Center mandates hand sanitizer and soap all over campus, especially after Swine Flu two years ago. 

  • Suggestion: Switch the lights off in the LDC. Please. I've been asking all around campus, STAs etc. And no one has given me a reason why they are left on ALL night.

                 Response: This is something we've been working on for years.  There's a lot of push back given the workers' schedules who clean the cafeteria.  We'll keep working on it.



Questions/Comments Regarding Lighting:

  • Comment: LDC lights need to be completely redone, because the automatic switches that were supposed to save electricity do the opposite. At present, you can not walk into a hallway on a weekend without turning on the lights in the hall and any classroom that senses motion. For long term planning, please avoid this mistake (and include automatic midnight shut off in academic buildings).


Questions/Comments Regarding the Dining Hall/Food Issues:

  • Comment: Water conservation is much more far reaching than taking shorter showers, not letting the water run when brushing one's teeth, or toilet flushes for both liquid and solid waste. Our water footprint is very much shaped by the type of food we consume. Consuming meat over fruits/vegetables significantly increases our water footprint. Why not encourage/educate students about the water footprint for food? Perhaps we can have a community garden on campus to serve the needs of the students.
  • Comment: It would great if you could help provide admissions tips for vegetarians.

Questions/Comments Regarding the use of Paper and Mailings at Carleton:

  •  Comment:  Automatic paper towel dispensers are hugely wasteful because they spit out more towel than you need (especially those in the LDC). But, you can get a smaller towel if you tear it off quickly, while it is still dispensing. I think if we were able to put up permanent signs, or install hand driers instead of paper towel dispensers, I think we could reduce the amount of paper towels we waste.