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The Breakfast Club

  • Friday, May 1st, 8:00 pm, Weitz Cinema
  • Friday, May 1st, 11:00 pm, Weitz Cinema

A brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse are forced to spend a Saturday together in high school detention. The five bare their souls to each other then band together against their sadistic and insecure principal in this teen drama featuring the 80s 'Brat Pack.'

Back to the Future

  • Saturday, May 2nd, 8:00 pm, Weitz Cinema
  • Saturday, May 2nd, 11:00 pm, Weitz Cinema

1980s teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is transported back in time to 1955 where he accidentally changes the course of history through a series of comic misadventures and finds he must return things to the way they were, back to the future.

Dead Poets Society

  • Sunday, May 3rd, 8:00 pm, Weitz Cinema
  • Sunday, May 3rd, 11:00 pm, Weitz Cinema

In 1959, the Welton Academy is a staid but well-respected prep school where education is a pragmatic and rather dull affair. Several of the students, however, have their thoughts on the learning process (and life itself) changed when a new teacher comes to the school.


  • Friday, May 8th, 8:00 pm, Weitz Cinema
  • Friday, May 8th, 11:00 pm, Weitz Cinema
  • Saturday, May 9th, 8:00 pm, Weitz Cinema
  • Saturday, May 9th, 11:00 pm, Weitz Cinema

A chronicle of one woman's 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe.

SUMO Movie Bus to Lakeville

  • Friday, May 15th, 6:00 pm, Lakeville 21 Movie Theater

Sign up to go to the Lakeville Theater and see films such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Pitch Perfect 2 for free*!

*Recent releases may cost $3-5

Space Jam

  • Friday, May 22nd, 8:00 pm, Bald Spot

The entire Looney Tunes gang joins basketball superstar Michael Jordan for this magically entertaining live-action/animated feature about a winners-take-all basketball game with a ruthless group of unsavory outer space creatures. Motion picture funnyman Bill Murray and Wayne Knight are also on hand to save the day in this hilarious romp through the far reaches to the galaxy.