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Our Equipment

A series of technological breakthroughs rendered Colin’s Igloo™-cooler pvc-outtake system a bit antiquated, and over winter break of 2006 we set about converting two empty kegs into a brew-kettle and mashtun. With new equipment, and a newfound passion, we brewed our inaugural 10-gallon batch. It was an orange-peel Christmas Ale...

Today we are still operating with the same sawed off Keg and with the an igloo cooler for the mashtun. We have a few buckets lying around for miscellaneous use and the transfer of wart and water and such. And of course, we have a number of carboys. Our bottom for the igloo cooler has changed from a dish hose to a gadget constructed from cpvc pipe with holes drilled into it in order to filter the wonderful barley juice.