Make An Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment is Easy!

There are several ways to schedule medical and counseling appointments at Student Health and Counseling (SHAC). 

Medical Appointments

There are three ways to schedule a medical appointment: Schedule online using the mySHAC portal, call 507-222-4080, or just stop by the reception desk (Ground Davis). Confidential Appointment Request forms are available at the desk so that your concerns can be written and remain private. Same Day Care is often available, subject to provider availability.

Unsure whether to make a medical appointment? Call us and one of our health care providers will call you back.

While your insurance plan will not be billed (there is no charge for office visits at SHAC), it's a good idea to bring a current health insurance card to each appointment. It may be needed for laboratory tests sent off-site or for off-campus follow-up care.  Our health care providers will assist you in navigating the healthcare system beyond SHAC.

Counseling Appointments

To schedule a counseling appointment, please call 507-222-4080, send us a secure message using the mySHAC portal, or come to SHAC in person. We respect your privacy, so Confidential Appointment Request forms are available at the desk for communicating your concerns in writing. For counseling emergencies during office hours, please come to our office and ask to be seen. You may be asked to complete a brief form to help us better understand your needs. For after-hours counseling emergencies, call 855-705-2479 to speak to an on-call licensed counselor.  SHAC's urgent phone counseling services are available 24/7/365.

If attending your first appointment of the academic year, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to complete the required forms, or complete them in advance at

If you need help deciding whether to make a counseling appointment, you may wish to read more about the Counseling Services provided by SHAC. 

Care Navigation

SHAC is able to take care of more than 90% of the medical concerns that students bring to our door. Occasionally, however, students do need to seek care at a local clinic or hospital. Understandably, many students have relied on a parent or guardian in the past to help them arrange and pay for that care. This may mean navigating the unfamiliar world of health care and insurance for the first time.

SHAC has a dedicated care navigator who regularly meets with students that need help with insurance claims, medical bills, and scheduling simple appointments off-campus. This staff member assists students with phone calls to insurance companies, patient accounts offices, area health care facilities, and the local taxi service. This guidance helps students learn tools for managing their health care independently in the future. To make an appointment to meet with the care navigator, visit us or call SHAC at 507-222-4080.