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SHAC is able to take care of more than 90% of the medical concerns that students bring to our door. Occasionally, however, students do need to seek care at a local clinic or hospital. Understandably, many students have relied on a parent or guardian in the past to help them arrange and pay for that care. This may mean navigating the unfamiliar world of health care and insurance for the first time.

SHAC's Care Navigator, Raquel Tollefson, regularly meets with students that need help with insurance claims, medical bills, and scheduling simple appointments off-campus. She assists students with phone calls to insurance companies, patient accounts offices, and area health care facilities. This guidance helps students learn tools for managing their health care independently in the future. To make an appointment to meet with Raquel, call SHAC at 507-222-4080 or email her directly at

For assistance with applying for MNsure and other MNsure procedures, contact HealthFinders Collaborative (HFC). HFC is a community health center in Northfield which provides a comprehensive primary access point to health services.


Please watch the following tutorial video for more information about navigating the world of health insurance. Insurance 101 is a short presentation designed by Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) to help you ask the right questions about your health insurance and understand the answers. This is important information you will need to know when seeking care off-campus.

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    Published 14 December 2017
    Insurance 101

    Tutorial video with information about navigating the world of health insurance when seeking care off-campus.

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