Trans Healthcare

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) SHAC recognizes the challenges in navigating and accessing trans healthcare. The clinicians at SHAC are available to discuss any questions or concerns and help connect you with the best care to address what you need.

Services SHAC provides at this time:

  • SHAC APRNs will administer hormone injections based on a prescription from another health care provider. We can also teach students how to do the injections themselves.
  • SHAC is aware of one provider at Northfield Hospitals and Clinics who prescribes gender-affirming hormone therapy: Shannon Lau MD at Women’s Health Center. Dr. Lau speaks both English and Spanish. There are also providers at Allina Clinic who prescribe gender-affirming hormone therapy, and if students call the scheduling number seeking this service, they will be scheduled with an appropriate provider.
  • SHAC staff also work with students to understand their health insurance plans and help them determine the best option for their care. Please note, it is illegal for an insurance company to completely deny coverage.
  • Wellfleet, the student health insurance plan that can be purchased through the Carleton Business Office, will cover gender-affirming hormones as they do other medications after a copay is paid by the patient.

The Health Service recognizes navigating and accessing trans healthcare resources may present challenges and the Health Service is continually growing awareness and support to serve the needs of transgender students.