When You Are Sick

It’s never fun being sick, but knowing what resources exist can make it easier to get what you need to make being sick a little less miserable!

Seeking medical care on-campus at SHAC

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) is open Mondays 8am–7pm and T-F 8am-5pm

You can receive care by making an appointment-- by phone (507-222-4080) or online (go.carleton.edu/mySHAC); by walk-in appointment (when available); or by calling and asking that a medical provider in SHAC call you back to answer questions about the care you may need.

After-Hours, Weekend, and Off-campus Medical Care

There are three local clinics in Northfield, in addition to the Northfield Hospital Emergency room, which provide appointments on evenings and weekends.  More information about off-campus medical care.

Transportation for off-campus medical care

Please visit the Carleton College Transportation website for information about how to secure transportation for medical care off-campus.

Getting food from the dining hall

If you are on a meal plan, you can give your OneCard to your roommate/friend/RA and have them bring you food from the dining hall. In order to do this your roommate/friend/RA just needs to present your OneCard when they swipe in and tell the person at the swipe in station that they are taking food to a sick friend. They will then be given a takeout box and a soup container and will be able to bring you food. More information found on the Dining Services website.

General information about Infectious Diseases

Please visit the Carleton Infectious Disease Information website for FAQs, information about symptoms, treatment and prevention, as well as links to other reputable health information websites.