SHAC Staff

For information on staff and appointment availability, or to telephone a staff member, please call 507-222-4080.

Not Pictured Below: consultants Henry Emmons, MD and Barbara Freeman, RD, LD

Marit Lysne
Marit Lysne Psy.D., LP
Director of Student Health and Counseling
  • expertise in treating Eating Disorders and Body Image Disturbance
  • other areas of interest include anxiety, sexuality, and relationship issues
Student Health and Counseling Staff
Drew Weis Ph.D., LP Profile
Clinical Psychologist

Interest areas include men's issues, anxiety, anger, group therapy, cross-cultural adjustment, and healthy relationships.

Leah Wellstone
Leah Wellstone MA, LMFT
Sarah King
Sarah King MSW, LICSW
Temporary Staff Counselor
Student Health and Counseling Staff
Natalee Johnson MS, APRN, CNM
Advanced Practice Nurse/Coordinator of Medical Services
  • provides general primary physical health care for men and women
  • specialty in birth control and women's health
Student Health and Counseling Staff
Betsy Lane-Getaz MS, APRN, CNP
Nurse Practitioner
Dawn Fadden MS, APRN, CNP
Dawn Fadden MS, APRN, CNP Profile
Nurse Practitioner
Jan Foley
Jan Foley
Medical Administrative Assistant
David Wolff
David Wolff Profile
Administrative Assistant/Project Specialist
Mary Douglass
Mary Douglass
Temporary Office Assistant
Andy E. Christensen
Coordinator of Disability Services