About The Student Life Division

Strategic Vision

The Carleton Student Life Division dedicates its staff and resources to actively engage students in an intentional learning experience. Student Life encourages students to develop life-long respect and responsibility for self and others. Student Life expects learners to embrace diversity, intellectual courage, personal achievement, integrity and social responsibility. The Student Life staff, services programs, and facilities reflect the Division’s commitment to encourage every student to think, reflect, imagine, connect and act for the betterment of self and community. As an integral partner in the academic process, the Student Life Division participates in the Carleton vision of preparing its graduates for a lifetime of learning, achievement, and service.

Identity Statement

The Student Life Division cultivates a campus community environment that optimizes student learning. Our offices, programs, activities and facilities support student development in civic and community engagement, informed reasons, effective communication, personal responsibility, pluralistic maturity and well-being.

Core Values


By holding diversity as a core value, we commit to honoring and learning from experience of all individuals, moving beyond tokenism into a transformative experience for ourselves and individuals who interact with the division. Valuing individual diversity means using the strength and different perspectives that each person offers as a result of his or her culture, religion, ethnicity, gender, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, and age. We intentionally create an environment that challenges our assumptions and increases our awareness of historical, national and global issues that influence our world view.

Intellectual Courage

We provide opportunities for students to think critically, reflectively and creatively by ensuring an open-minded atmosphere that allows students to learn how to think independently and fairly. We value the courage to honestly consider ideas, beliefs or viewpoints thus creating a community that embraces dynamic learning.

Personal Achievement

We provide opportunities for an individual’s life-long commitment to accomplish worthwhile objectives through practice and perseverance. An individual strives for personal and collective success through a process of prioritizing values, defining goals, creating plans, involving others, overcoming obstacles, and recognizing progress. Pursuing meaningful accomplishments represents a significant action in defining and affirming the values of one’s own life.


We operate in an atmosphere of openness and are committed to ethical conduct and practices, to public accountability, to cultivating personal values and moral reasoning, and to maintaining the highest professional standards in all academic and administrative endeavors.

Social Responsibility

We create safe, caring, respectful, and productive learning environments. We also help work with others to develop the social skills, emotional competencies, and qualities of character they need to succeed and become contributing members of their communities.