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Summer Humanities Institute

Students will learn about classical Athens and Renaissance Europe (especially Italy).

As one of the 6 pre-college programs run by the Summer Academic Office, the Summer Humanities Institute will host high-achieving high school students on campus for three weeks to explore together the ways in which people in classical Athens and Renaissance Europe (especially Italy) sought to understand, represent, criticize and transform different forms of power. Through these advanced studies in the humanities, students will explore essential questions of what it means to be a human being living in society and how people use words, images, and performance to challenge, affirm, or transform themselves and their world.

In addition to their classroom coursework, students will be able to experience first-hand what life is like on a small, liberal arts campus -- balancing residential life activities and field trips with their coursework/research. Afternoon and evening activities include ultimate frisbee, improv comedy, friendship bracelet making, board game night, and more. 

Sponsored by Summer Academic Programs. Contact: klauer