Summer Computer Science Institute

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Dear SCSI Students and Families,

I am so pleased to welcome you to the Summer Computer Science Institute (SCSI).  From the earliest developmental stages of this program, the ubiquitous role of computers in our society has never been far from our minds. With smartphones in our pockets, tablets in our hands, and laptops in our bags, computers are increasingly at our fingertips. Computer Science, however, is about more than devices, computers, and programming:  it is a rich academic field that seeks to systematically study the processes for solving problems and untangle the complexities in the concrete physical world and the abstract mathematical world. The Summer Computer Science Institute (SCSI) at Carleton focuses on understanding how to think about these processes, how to program computers to implement them, and how to apply computer science ideas to real problems of interest.

Students at SCSI will learn how to systematically approach problems like a computer scientist as they engage in classroom learning, hands-on lab activities, and collaborative guided research directed by college faculty and mentored by undergraduate research assistants. The Summer Computer Science Institute will culminate with the SCSI Research Symposium where students will demonstrate the results of their collaborative guided research project. In short, during their three weeks at SCSI, students have a similar experience to what Carleton undergraduates who eventually major in Computer Science receive as they begin their academic journey.

We invite you to join us at the Summer Computer Science Institute and experience a challenging college-level academic experience in computer science, with the fun and excitement of collaborating with peers and faculty here at Carleton College.      

Dave Musicant
Professor of Computer Science
Director, Summer Computer Science Institute