Academic Information

At the Institute participants will rotate through three different, one-week courses that focus on important concepts in the field. In order to gain a deeper understanding about one of the three subjects, students will be placed in a research group where they will engage in research advised by a faculty member. This research group will be in the same subject area as their first course.

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Selection of courses will occur after being accepted to the program.  Students will be emailed a link to a confirmation form.  That form will have them rank their preferences of faculty.  We then assign students to courses (and their research group) with every effort to best satisfy their preferences.

ScheduleCourse Schedule

Classes:  Mornings are dedicated to course work and hands-on activities led by faculty and Carleton College undergraduate Research Assistants.  Each course focuses on important concepts in the field of that particular faculty member.  Participants will experience three courses, with a different course each week. Read our course descriptions for this summer here.

Guided Research:  In the afternoons, students work in their assigned research groups for all three weeks. The research area they work in will be the same as the topic for the course they take during the first week.

Evening Discussions:  These informal discussions are organized by the Carleton College undergraduate Research Assistants and Program and Community Assistants. The purpose is to provide a forum for informal discussion about current issues such as diversity, the college application process, and life at Carleton.

Credit Information

The Institute faculty provide a written evaluation of each student's participation soon after their completion of the Institute. Six Carleton credit hours, equivalent to approximately three semester credit hours, are awarded to participants who successfully complete the course.  While these credits do typically transfer to other colleges and universities, it is at the sole discretion of individual institutions to determine the acceptability of these credits.