Carleton College Summer Teaching Institute

Registration for the Summer of 2017 will open on February 1.  

Carleton has been selected by the College Board® to serve as a pilot for new registration software.  We are currently developing the registration form, and are excited for the new features this software will offer to districts and individuals.  While the registration form is not available, currently, most of our workshop course descriptions and consultant bios are updated on our website.  Please take some time to look at the many workshops that will be offered at Carleton this summer.  If you would like to receive a notification when our registration form is open, please fill out the mailing list request.

June Workshops: First Time and Advanced Workshops
Monday, June 26 - Thursday, June 29

As part of our ongoing effort to offer challenging and engaging workshops, we have selected some of the AP® courses most frequently offered in high schools and created First Time workshops and Advanced Topics workshops. Both workshop options present unique challenges and opportunities for teachers with varying levels of subject area experience.

First Time workshops are designed for teachers who have taught their AP® course for three or fewer years, regardless of their level of teaching experience and/or subject area experience. First Time workshops focus on effectively planning, organizing, and implementing AP® curriculum. First Time workshops will also discuss the AP® Exam itself, including strategies for preparing students.

Advanced Topics workshops are designed for teachers who have taught their AP® course for three or more years. Advanced Topics workshops focus on specific curriculum topics and increasing content knowledge. The content of Advanced Topics workshops are partially guided by the participants' needs and tend to spend less time discussing the specifics of the AP® Exam. 

July Workshops: Additional Workshops for High-Attendance and Redesigned Subjects
Tuesday, July 11 - Friday, July 14

The July institute is much smaller than our June institute. The objective is to offer additional workshops for teachers in high attendance subjects and also current or recently redesigned subjects.

Enrollment for the July workshops will include a mix of experienced AP® teachers and teachers who may be teaching their AP® subject for the first time in the coming school year.