Carleton APSI®

    Session 1: June 23-26, 2020            Session 2: June 29 - July 2, 2020  

                              Registration opens February 2020

With 40 years of experience offering AP® educators professional development and networking opportunities, Carleton College is proud to continue hosting our APSI in 2020. We aim to provide a collaborative environment of on-campus living, high quality instruction, and the possibility of creating new partnerships with other educators willing to share resources for curriculum development.

Workshop Tuition: $750 (additional $25 material fee for Art & Design) - includes graduate credit

On-Campus Room & Board: $450 for a single room & board plan

Our registration form is only available online and no payment is needed at the time of form submission. Once a teacher completes the online registration form, they will receive an email with instructions on how to pay either online with a credit card or by check/purchase order. This email may be forwarded to school administrators for payment processing. It is recommended that teachers register themselves, as each registration is tied to a College Board® account.

"A marvelously enriching experience from beginning to end! Carleton has done an exemplary job in hosting AP teachers...."

"Everything was applicable. Great leadership from our teacher—so affirming and enthusiastic about AP. This week made me proud to be a teacher doing AP."

"Class definitely met my expectations. I have a lot of material that I will be able to use to enhance my AP Calculus class.... Quality workshop—well worth the time and money!"