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June Workshops

Advanced Topics and First Time Workshops

As part of our ongoing effort to offer challenging and engaging workshops, we have selected some of the AP* courses most frequently offered in high schools and created First Time workshops and Advanced Topics workshops.  Both workshop options present unique challenges and opportunities for teachers with varying levels of subject area experience.

First Time workshops are designed for teachers who have taught their AP* course for three or fewer years, regardless of their level of teaching experience and/or subject area experience.  First Time workshops focus on effectively planning, organizing, and implementing AP* curriculum.  First Time workshops will also discuss the AP* Exam itself, including strategies for preparing students.

Advanced Topics workshops are designed for teachers who have taught their AP* course for three or more years.  Advanced Topics workshops focus on specific curriculum topics and increasing content knowledge.  The content of Advanced Topics workshops are partially guided by the participants' needs and tend to spend less time discussing the specifics of the AP* Exam. 

The June Workshops' 2016 Registration Deadline is May 25, 2016.  Late registrations will be accepted on a space-available basis up through the week before the institute.  All registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received.  Registrations for all workshops received after May 25, 2016 will assessed a $75 late fee. 

Print the 2016 Registration Form - Mail your registration and pay with a check.


Summer Teaching Institute 2016
June 27-30 Workshops

**We are in the process of updating all workshop descriptions for 2016.  The courses we will offer in June are listed below.

Math & Computer Science

World Languages & Cultures

CB Endorsement

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Summer Academic Programs