Calculus AB: Advanced Topics (MATH.1262)

About the Workshop

This workshop will take a detailed look at the major topics of the AB Calculus curriculum. For each topic, we will clarify changes and expectations of the new Framework for the AP® program. We will do problems and activities to help instructors deepen their understanding of calculus. Conceptual understanding and relationships between fundamental ideas will be stressed. Through this work, instructors will be asked to examine and then strengthen their own instructional methods to help students understand calculus.

Graphing calculators and software will be used extensively to demonstrate important ideas and to approach problems from graphical, numerical, and analytical approaches. Participants will be actively engaged, and sharing will be expected. Throughout the week, we will discuss many other important issues of teaching AB Calculus – textbooks, prerequisites, assessment, technology, and the grading of free response questions. The emphasis of many topics will be guided in part by the needs and interests of the participants. 

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About the Instructor