Calculus AB: Advanced Topics - MATH.1262

About the Workshop

This Advanced Topics workshop will cover the curriculum of AP® Calculus AB, through developing a conceptual understanding of the topics and also teaching practical ways to present materials.  Participants will share and gain new teaching strategies to help prepare students, as well as learn the new AP® Framework that was introduced last year for AP® Calculus.  Additionally, participants will be exposed to the AP® exams, not only from the perspective of teaching the standards of the exam, but also grading, preparing students and seeing results of students from previous years’ exams. Textbooks, prerequisites and assessment will also be discussed.

Graphing calculators and on-line applications will be used extensively to present ideas from graphical, numerical, and analytic approaches.  A small unit on creating math videos and implementing a flipped classroom in the math class will also be presented.  Participants will be actively engaged and sharing of ideas and information is expected. The emphasis on specific topics will be guided in part by the needs of the participants.

Note: The Advanced Topics Course will include more conceptual material and individualized study than the General Topics Course (offered in July), even though the framework will be similar.

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About the Instructor