Biology: First Time - BIOL.1258

About the Workshop

This AP® Biology workshop is designed for those AP® Biology teachers with limited or no experience teaching AP® Biology since the 2013 redesign.  “Beginners” in no way indicates your teaching experience, just your familiarity with the AP® Biology curriculum. The institute will be centered on the four big ideas, the seven science practices, and the learning objectives.  We will review updates to the AP® Curriculum as well as the laboratory experiences provided in the College Board® Lab Manual.  Participants will engage in extensive hands-on laboratory experience, which include lab prep, experimental design, data analysis, and presentation. Laboratories planned for the week include those found in the AP® Biology lab manual, as well as many alternatives.

During the workshop, we will also focus on teachings strategies that work in the high school classroom, including POGILs, test preparation, and case studies.  You will leave with knowledge of how to develop a syllabus for the AP® audit, lab equipment requirements and ordering information, a wealth of resources for teaching AP® Biology, and activities that are ready to be used in the classroom.  

Participants should bring a favorite activity to share. It may be helpful to have a copy of the textbook or other materials used in your classroom.

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About the Instructor