Calculus BC

About the Workshop

This workshop is designed to familiarize teachers with the curriculum and course objectives of the Advanced Placement BC Calculus course, and to provide materials and methods that will lead to success in the AP examination. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the changes in the AP Calculus courses and exams discuss the features of the newly released Curriculum Framework.  Participants will explore the important concepts of calculus, including the proofs of many of the central theorems.  A multi-representational approach will be used, exploring concepts numerically, graphically, and analytically.  A variety of problems will be assigned that produce interesting solutions and reveal some of the issues involved in teaching calculus effectively.  The AP test will be investigated, specifically pointing out the particular things that every teacher should emphasize to their own students. 

All participants will be expected to do a prescribed set of homework problems on a daily basis, and be prepared to share solutions, strategies, and teaching ideas.  (There will be opportunity to receive help from the instructor and other participants on a daily basis, also.)  Graphing calculators will be used extensively in the solutions of problems, and participants should bring their own, if possible.  Instruction will be given using the Texas Instruments TI-84 and/or TI-89, depending on the interest of the class.

In past sessions, participants have indicated that they would be interested in activities that others use that have been found to be effective.  Each participant is asked to bring along at least one activity to share with the rest of the group.

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