Chemistry: Advanced Topics - CHEM.1235

About the Workshop

This workshop is open to all AP® Chemistry teachers who possess a current and comfortable “content” background in the revised AP® Chemistry curriculum. We will continue to introduce guided-inquiry laboratory exercises with time frames that are suitable for your classroom and to modify previous favorite labs to fit the new guided-inquiry standards. We will include several new “error analysis” items as well. The workshop will also provide hands-on opportunities with a number of the recently released POGIL Activities for AP® Chemistry which the instructor has found to be successful with her own students. In order to better  meet the emphasis of the newly reconstructed AP® Chemistry assessments, the participants will be developing and sharing new questions, both multiple choice and constructed response styles, which emphasize particle-level diagrams as well as  laboratory analyses culled from provided data tables, charts, or graphs. With these, we will add in work in groups, writing the Free Response “long” questions that are “cross-chapter” as the Big Ideas build upon one another. We will collect and electronically share the work from all the groups. There is homework every evening, but no external projects that require completion after the Institute ends.

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About the Instructor