English Language and Composition: First Time (ENGL.1278)

About the Workshop

Participants in this workshop will have little to no experience teaching AP® English Language, but by the end of the week all will be ready to take on that task with knowledge and enthusiasm.

We will begin by clarifying the essential elements of the AP® English Language course and the requirements of the exam. This will inform our work on writing syllabi and planning for the year.

The week will then focus on method and content used in teaching students to become superior readers, writers, and thinkers. To cultivate new texts and strategies for classroom use, the seminar will include the close examination of a variety of essays and speeches.

Much time will be spent on the instruction of composition. We will look at both the multi-draft essay—including the research paper—and the timed essay. Much of the week will be used exploring how to use holistic scoring to improve student writing.

We will work with the objective and written portions of the AP® English Language test. Special attention will be paid to the essay questions fresh from the 2017 reading.

A look at formal logic, visual literacy, a variety of syllabi, forms of assessment, and managing the overwhelming paper load that comes with teaching AP® English classes are just a few other topics we will cover during the week. 

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About the Instructor