Government and Politics: United States (POSC.1231)

About the Workshop

Whether you are an experienced AP® United States Government & Politics teacher or you are new to the class, I think you’ll benefit from our four days together at Carleton College. For example, how do we teach AP Government when all conventional wisdom about politics was thrown out the window during the 2016 campaign?

Another big change in store for us is the proposed curriculum redesign that will launch in the 2018-19 school year. We know some of the broad strokes of the changes in store (like the addition of an argumentative essay and a draft of the curriculum framework) but we won't be able to dive into full redesign mode this summer.

I’m not a policy wonk and I don’t particularly like reading Supreme Court opinions for pleasure. However, I love teaching and discovering new ways of making the political world relevant to my students. My sessions have a classroom focus and you’ll receive a lot of resources that you can plug directly into your curriculum. I’m experimenting with flipping my classroom and have found some techniques that allow me to avoid lecturing day after day and still have my students move through the rigorous curriculum and find success on the national exam. I’ll also share my philosophy of “They Write More...You Grade Less.” Since I’ve adopted this as my mantra, my students’ writing scores have increased and I’ve spent less time buried under an avalanche of student papers.

Finally, technology will be a major focus of the workshop. I regularly present at Google Summits and I’ll share the ways I’ve used technology to transform my classroom including a way to get students to actually read their textbook!

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About the Instructor