Human Geography (SOAN.1261)

About the Workshop

The Advanced Topics workshop will work best if we all participate in discussions, cooperate with each other on assignments, share ideas, and are open to constructive criticism!  The ultimate goal for the week is to create a working group of dedicated teachers that are committed to improving the teaching of AP Human Geography.
This workshop will mainly focus on improving our teaching of the AP Human Geography curriculum.  We’re going to do this in the following ways:

  1. Developing and fine-tuning well written unit assessments that align with the new course articulation.
  2. We will reverse plan the course.  We’ll design each unit backwards to align with the requirements needed in the exam.
  3. Create and change hands-on-lessons that will be immediately ready for classroom use.
  4. Sharing of best practices.
  5. We will develop guided reading questions that bridge the gap between the new course articulation and textbook content.
  6. We will develop and compile an up-to-date list of key terms for each unit.   

While these are the current goals I have set out for the course, I also am willing to adapt to the needs of the group to make sure everyone leaves with something that can be easily implemented within their class.  By working on the above items, I hope to improve our teaching effectiveness and time management, which will allow each of us to incorporate more hands-on lessons (doing geography) in the classroom.  

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Rick GindeleAbout the Instructor

Rick has been teaching AP® Human Geography and conducting workshops as a College Board* consultant since the course inception in 2000/01. He also serves as the College Board* Adviser on the AP® Human Geography Test Development Committee, and has been involved with the AP® reading starting in 2002.