United States History - HIST.1284

About the Workshop 

Teachers in this workshop will be able to design new syllabi, assessments and lessons for the revised curriculum in AP® US History. This course is designed especially for teachers both new to, and experienced in, the domain of Advanced Placement® US History. It will include relevant and highly successful teaching strategies, available resources, historical thinking skill, major themes and concepts connected with the teaching of AP® US History in the new curriculum. The goals of this course are to assist both the teacher and his/her students manage the scope, depth, and complexities of the AP® US History course, and to explore the vast range of textual, visual, and internet resources. We will consider the use of primary and secondary sources and student preparation for the Advanced Placement® examination in American History. Perhaps most importantly, we will work diligently on understanding the demands of the new AP® US History Curriculum Framework, historical thinking skills and writing rubrics. In order to make this a successful endeavor, it is advised that you bring your text, along with any primary and secondary source resources you use. In short, this will include in-depth analysis of the curriculum components, the changes in testing, and the emphasis on skills, themes, and learning outcomes.

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About the Instructor