What Participants Say...

  • "I want to roll back the years and study quite hard in high school so I can attend Carleton and learn from people like our instructors. They were the best of American education—not in total, but in who they were for us this week. I am very grateful for their efforts."
  • "A marvelously enriching experience from beginning to end! Carleton has done an exemplary job in hosting AP teachers...."
  • "Everything was applicable. Great leadership from our teacher—so affirming and enthusiastic about AP. This week made me proud to be a teacher doing AP."
  • "The instructors were well prepared and insightful about methods. They worked well with students and allowed the participants to have ideas."
  • "The teachers provided an open and comfortable environment to learn and ask questions."
  • "This was a highly engaging workshop with outstanding facilitators."
  • "The instructors in my area were superb! Great delivery and knowledge. Truly inspiring in all aspects."
  • "I have attended other summer institutes and this was by far the best in terms of organization, materials, and instruction."
  • "Class definitely met my expectations. I have a lot of material that I will be able to use to enhance my AP Calculus class.... Quality workshop—well worth the time and money!"