Carleton Ultimate Summer Program

CUSP will not run summer 2019 or until further notice -- check back for more information.

Why is Carleton the ideal location for an Ultimate camp?

Ultimate has been an established sport at Carleton for over 30 years, so in part that legacy has helped sustain the popularity. A strong intramural league introduces Ultimate to a high percentage of the student body at large, so it is well known on campus even though it is a young sport in comparison to the standards of soccer, basketball, football, etc.

What does the Carleton Ultimate Summer Program offer me, a participant?

The Carleton Ultimate Summer Program offers a balanced curriculum of classroom and Ultimate instruction for strong student athletes and students who have a strong desire to improve their Ultimate gamesmanship. The main focus of the program is to teach sports psychology, team-building, mental preparedness, and leadership using Ultimate as a vehicle to reinforce these lessons. Participants will spend time in the classroom as well as on the field, learning new ways to set and achieve personal and team goals, as well as learning different ways to measure the success of skills they may already know. Ultimate is an ideal sport to reinforce this curriculum because it is self-officiated and players often have a real ownership of their team and the sport as a whole.

What makes the Carleton Ultimate Summer Program unique?

There is no other program in the country like CUSP for Ultimate. CUSP strives to emphasize team-building, leadership, and preparation and to give participants the tools to implement big-picture strategies so they can leave the camp with the ability to create a better team. CUSP participants can expect to learn skills to identify the areas of personal and team improvement, set goals, prepare to achieve those goals, and measure success. They will learn how to emphasize team success over personal achievement, and learn to prepare effectively to create an environment for team success.