Program Information

CUSP will not run summer 2019 or until further notice -- check back for more information.

The Carleton Ultimate Summer Program (CUSP) offers a balanced curriculum of classroom and field instruction for student-athletes. The goal of CUSP is to help student athletes to:

  • Improve not only their ultimate game, but also their leadership skills.
  • Be proactive, focused, engaged and rational in their thinking no matter what adversity they may face before, during, or after performance.
  • Think beyond the status quo and go beyond the comfortable and accepted thoughts of current belief systems formed throughout athletic careers via past/present coaches, societal/culture pressures and norms, and past/present roles on various teams. 
  • Fully understand the concept of teamwork and what it means to be part of a fully functioning, synergistic team rather than simply a member of a productive group.

Age of Participants

Any student entering their sophomore – senior year of high school is eligible to register. The game of Ultimate Frisbee is an important part of the CUSP program - prior experience with the game and rules is necessary.