Writing Sample Requirement

Summer Writing Program Writing Sample

Each applicant to the Summer Writing Program must submit a writing sample along with their online application. The writing sample must be submitted during application process and an application will not be determined complete without the writing sample.

The writing sample should be a recent sample of your best academic writing for review by the Summer Writing Program Admissions Committee. Your writing sample should be a minimum of two full, typed and double spaced pages in length and a carefully chosen example of your best expository writing; while not required, we suggest a literary analysis or research paper (DO NOT SEND: creative writing, personal narratives, scientific research papers, or AP timed responses).  If you have questions about the qualification of a writing sample please contact our office. 

If we complete review of your application and determine a new sample is required, we will contact you via email and give you ONE week to submit a new sample to our office.  No decision will be emailed to a student until we have a second sample to review.

When uploading the document to your application please note the following are supported file formats: .txt (plain text); .doc or .docx (Word); or PDF (portable document file).