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Environmental Organizations

Student Organizations: 

  • Environmental Carls Organized (ECO): A group dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and activism on campus and in the community and to providing opportunities for environment volunteering. Among our past projects are Earth Week preparations and activity organization, starting the Adopt-A-River program on campus, bringing environmental speakers, and starting a composting program at Carleton.
  • Food Truth: An organization dedicated to raising food consciousness by examining the environmental, political, social and ethical impacts of what we eat. Food Truth organizes events, speakers, community dinners, films, workshops, and field trips to encourage discussion and advocacy around food-related issues.
  • Divest Carleton: Divest Carleton aims to change the way the public, governments, and investors view fossil fuel companies in order to create a political atmosphere where large-scale climate action is possible. In an effort to achieve this, Divest Carleton calls upon Carleton College to remove its direct holdings in the top 200 fossil fuel companies. Continuing to hold fossil fuel stocks is a tacit statement of support for the industry’s extractive practices, political agenda, and egregious misinformation campaigns. Divest Carleton works to change public sentiment about the fossil fuel industry and to bring attention to the disproportionate impact that climate change has on marginalized communities. By joining the 60 educational institutions that have committed to fossil fuel divestment, Carleton can work to uphold its institutional values and become a true leader in the transition towards a sustainable future.
  • Farm Club: Farm club is an organization which helps students connect to Carleton's student-run vegetable farm. We host volunteer days throughout the week in the fall and spring, which are open to all students and lead by the current farm interns.

Center for Community & Civic Engagement Programs: 

  • Adopt-a-River: An ACT program where volunteers spend part of a weekend afternoon cleaning up Northfield’s Cannon River.
  • Arbor: An ACT program devoted to learning about the environment while aiding in the restoration and cleanup of the Carleton Cowling Arboretum and McKnight Prairie.
  • Carleton Clothing Connection: A group that collects donated clothing from Carleton students for MNIC, a public charter school in the Twin cities supporting low-income teenagers.
  • Food Recovery Network: A group that works to address both food waste and hunger by recovering excess dining hall food and donating it to local organizations.
  • Gleaning: This program allows students to travel to local farms and orchards to harvest donated produce for the Community Action Center Food Shelf.
  • Kids for Conservation: A volunteer student organization teaching environmental education in Northfield elementary schools.


  • CANOE (Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts): A student organization that runs a variety of student led trips and activities, as well as lending outdoor equipment.
    • Contacts: Emma Dempsey (, Jonah Shaw (

Interest houses

  • Farm House: A campus interest house dedicated to sustainable living. 
  • CANOE House: A campus interest house dedicated to helping students access the outdoors. Open dinner events advertised throughout the term.
  • Wellstone House of Organizing and Activism: W.H.O.A., located in Huntington House, works to foster activism on campus and connect to communities outside Carleton. 

Northfield Community Organizations

  • Greater Northfield Sustainability Collaborative connects participants from Carleton, St. Olaf, and the larger Northfield community in order to facilitate and coordinate local sustainability initiatives.
  • Transition Northfield is part of an international movement to relocalize, re-energize, and build resilience in our community. It aims to create a socially equitable community in the face of climate change and has worked on projects such as the community Earth Day event, permaculture education, and more.
  • Northfield Environmental Quality Commission advises the city on matters concerning environmental quality and natural resources, including the implementation of the environmental policy enacted by ordinance.
  • Northfield Food Action connects people interested in creating a local food system in and around Northfield, MN. It is a great resource for many food-related events and activities in the city.
  • Just Food Coop is Northfield's natural foods market and deli. It also hosts a slew of events and classes, ranging from basic bike maintenance to knitting nights to broth-making workshops.