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Building Energy Audits

Category #1: Residential Energy Audits

With professional guidance and hands-on experience Carleton's Residential Audits Program engaged interested students in an extracurricular learning opportunity focused on building energy performance. The primary objective was to integrate student participation into the residential energy audit process for Carleton-owned residential houses by offering information sessions to broaden students’ understanding of the energy audit process and providing basic technical background of building construction and energy efficiency improvement principles. In addition, energy audit results will be taken one step further through cost-benefit analysis of basic energy conservation improvements versus deep energy retrofits and new construction of carbon neutral buildings.

See the related document at right to learn more about the program.


Category #2: Campus Building Energy Audits

Carleton is just beginning the process of energy audits for larger, more complex, campus buildings.  Stay tuned for further information and results throughout the coming months.

Laird Stadium

Campus building audits began with an evaluation of Laird Stadium, concurrent with the summer 2012 renovation project.  Audit results will be implemented during winter break 2013 and include installation of direct digital controls (DDC) on upstairs air handling units, reduced equipment run-times, and addition of lighting occupancy sensors in locker rooms and restrooms.  Contact for the full report.