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Lighting Efficiency Projects

Gould Library Lighting Retrofit

The library lighting retrofit project spanned two summers (2010-2011) and included new fixtures plus increased occupancy and timer controls on all floors.  The project overall reduced the building's energy use by 40%. Click here to learn more about the project.

West Gym Lighting Retrofit

West Gym main gym lighting was updated in summer 2012.  The project replaced 250-watt metal halide fixtures with higher-efficiency T8 fluorescent fixtures.  Lighting levels overall were boosted to meet NCAA standards, but the project achieved energy savings by addition of bi-level fixtures which allow both a reduced wattage "recreation mode" and a higher wattage "competition mode" used only during games and varsity practice.  The project also added a wall-timer control which assures recreation mode lights are turned off when the gym is not in use.

Musser Corridor Timers

In November 2012, corridor timers were installed in Musser Hall thanks to a grant from the student Sustainability Revolving Fund (SRF) based on a proposal by Lydia Auner ('15) and Sarah Lukins ('15).  The timers reduce corridor lighting from full mode to egress mode at night, saving an estimated $348 per year and achieving an estimated simple payback of 2.4 years.  This project serves as a pilot project, paving the way for future similar projects in other campus buildings.

Rec Center Lighting Retrofit

The indoor track and courts at Carleton's Rec Center will receive a lighting retrofit during spring break 2013.  Scope includes replacing existing metal halide fixtures with bi-level T8 fixtures and installing occupancy sensors for increased control and energy savings.  Stay tuned for details...

Restroom Occupancy Sensors

Carleton sustainability assistants (STAs) are busy surveying existing campus restrooms in preparation for addition of occupancy sensors to reduce on-time when these rooms are unoccupied.  Stay tuned for further progress in spring term 2015...

Bi-level Stairwell Fixtures

Stay tuned for news about a pilot project to test bi-level LED fixtures in stairwells, yet another effort to reduce or eliminate lighting in unoccupied spaces.