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Campus Metering & Data Management

Meter Audits & Expansion 

Carleton maintenance staff are currently auditing and verifying operation of building sub-meters for steam, water and electricity in twenty of Carleton's campus buildings.  Meter data is gathered automatically via the campus building automation system (BAS).  Once meter accuracy is confirmed, automated steam, water and electricity sub-meters will be installed in remaining campus buildings.   Off-campus houses will remain on monthly meter readings based on public utility bills for gas, water and electricity.  See the .pdf at right for a list of Carleton's existing meters.

Energy Data Management

In winter 2013, Carleton launched its first web-based energy and water data management system, the Lucid Building Dashboard.  This system includes both a public dashboard where anyone can view and compare campus energy and water data ( and an administrative site where Facilities and Sustainability Office staff can run more detailed reports and management tools.  Most of the meters in this system draw 15-minute interval data from Carleton's centralized Energy Management System (EMS) which also controls heating, cooling and ventilation in campus buildings.  Other meter readings are entered manually on a monthly basis.